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COPYRIGHT © 2021 ARBORTIME.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED is the maker of Minty Blasters- those curiously sweet ALTOIDS tin Mp3 speakers. 100% Hip Style & Cool Retro Sound. Check us out! Connect the celebrated Minty Blaster to the headphone jack on your portable music player (iDevice, Mp3, Kindle, CD or other) and its built-in amplifier will provide a roomful of curiously strong, curiously hip mono sound. When you’re done listening close the lid and the retro-look bubble speaker will be concealed and protected inside the compact metal enclosure. Minty Blasters are available in three great varieties: the classic ALTOIDS blasters—upcycled mint tins with matching ultrasuede interiors, our all new WILD THINGS blasters—unmarked silver color tins with faux carbon fiber, reptile or ostrich textureslurking inside (100% synthetic), and FIESTA blasters— silver tins with bright vinyl colors that are perfect for the beach or poolside (and kids love them too!).

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